Logging In

As an Author or Editor, you have access to your website’s dashboard where you can draft and publish posts and pages. After your site Administrator gives you a username and password, you can log in and get to work.

With a WordPress site, the login page URL will always consist of your website URL, followed by /wp-login.php. So if your site is http://thedailynews.org, your login URL will be http://thedailynews.org/wp-login.php.

That will take you to a login screen that looks much like this:

WordPress login screen

Since you’ll be using this regularly you should probably bookmark this login page.

If You Lose Your Password

You can reset your password anytime by clicking the “Lost your password?” link. The link will take you to a screen where you can enter either your site username or your email address associated with your username. The site will then send you an email message containing a link to reset your password.

Site administrators don’t have access to user passwords, so the only way to reset the password is via the “Lost your password?” link. Administrators can, however, see your username and associated email address in the list of all users with accounts on the site. No one can see your password.

The Dashboard

After logging in you’ll see the main screen of the WordPress dashboard:

WordPress dashboard

Now you can begin to publish posts and pages. But before we cover how to create content, let’s set up your user profile so the site can properly display your job title, social media links, profile picture, and other details.